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Real vs Fake Calvin Klein Jeans. How to spot counterfeit Calvin Klein

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Calvin Klein is one of the leading fashion design and marketing studios in the world.

Unfortunately, like many iconic brands, our designs are targeted by criminals who are producing and selling counterfeit products intended to deceive consumers and profit from our success. Several reports have highlighted that the major profits that can be made from selling counterfeit products are used to fund terrorism and organized crime. Furthermore, there is often a terrible human cost as counterfeiting is often associated with child labor and modern slavery.

In order to fight this illegal trade in counterfeit products and protect consumers, we have developed an established, global enforcement program. We work diligently with customs and law enforcement agencies to disrupt and eliminate the sale of counterfeit Calvin Klein products both online and on the ground.

On a daily basis we are reporting websites, social media pages and online marketplace accounts that are offering counterfeit Calvin Klein products. We recognize it can be difficult to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit product, especially online. Therefore, always be cautious of buying any Calvin Klein product from websites that offer substantial discounts and avoid any products claiming to be factory seconds or overruns.

Based on our experience we have identified several characteristics of websites that are offering counterfeit product or will fail to deliver the product you ordered:

A. The website will often have little to no contact information such as company names, physical or email addresses and telephone numbers.

B. The website will not protect your personal data and credit card information and will not feature HTTPS:// or show a small padlock symbol next to the website address (URL).

C. The website will sometimes mirror an official Calvin Klein website even-though the domain name may not relate to the brand.

Please note that purchasing products from unauthorized retailers is always at your own risk. You will find genuine Calvin Klein product at, Calvin Klein stores or authorized Calvin Klein retailers.

Private detectives are gazing at rear ends these days to try to spot the difference. Counterfeiting of designer jeans is such a big business that makers of Calvin Klein, Jordache, Gloria Vanderbilt and other high-fashion trousers and T-shirts are spending millions of dollars to nab manufacturers and sellers of the phony products.
lucasmerymarin mery marin : waoo no encerio igual hay piratas cuidado con eso
Karim Errebib : Good

Justin Bieber + Lara Stone - Calvin Klein Jeans Spring 2015

The latest Calvin Klein Jeans campaign has been directed by Johan Renck and features global superstar Justin Bieber and supermodel Lara Stone.

Justin and Lara wear key jeans styles of the season, furthering the iconic brands’ longstanding legacy of bringing fashion and music together.

“Calvin Klein is such an iconic brand and I am excited and honored to become a part of the Calvin Klein brand legacy with this campaign. I have been a longtime fan of the brand and have worn their jeans and underwear for a while, so this is kind of a dream come true,” said Bieber. “This is the beginning of an exciting new year for me, personally and professionally, and being a part of this campaign has been a fantastic opportunity and experience.”

Click here to explore the campaign:
show yours. #mycalvins
arianator belieber : justinnnn
Ritika Chafekar : I'm here after the snl original one
david fasterer : Why is Justine wearing men's clothes?
KingRelief : people wonder why im depressed
Super Rhino Bros : I have Calvin Klein underwear like Justin Bieber
shizukagozen777 : *puke*
Nouha Bou : smoke
Nouha Bou : cars
Nouha Bou : smile
If I get 100 subs I’ll start making vids : Snl is much better


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Данил Либимов : отправляет в Россию не верные заказы, в Контакт центре не помогают!!!
michael Torres : Dang one day
Mehdi Scent : Amazing pieces
فرقة الوان البهلوانية : Love it❤❤
Meg_ OSL : I loved❤
ej7ueisexjdi Susiec i3is : Omg


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