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Geforce GT 610 Test in 2019

♦ GPU: Palit GeForce GT 610 (2048MB DDR3)
♦ CPU: intel core i7-8700K (3.7 Ghz)
JOKER : Me: downloaded battlefield 1 and later understood he ran it on intel i7 and i am running it in intel core2duo.
Blue Eye Gamer :
AerosolFPS : The only reason the system could even run the games is because the CPU carried. The integrated graphics would perform better

CPU: 5%, 39 C
GPU: 100% 78 C
Euthraz : my grandmas 2013 mac had a gt 610 and i thought it was gaming machine at 7 years old
countryboy 1.0 : You can actually overclock the sh!t out of this cand and get +10/20fps
begabtTV : I have GT 610 and Play csgo with Not even 30fps
Lil Chan : i7 dude make sense. Try to run it on crappy cpu and let see what this video card capable of.
Pago Cloner : Botleneck
Matias Herce : I have the same video card, but counter strike run at 20 fps or less. what is my problem...
Merino Sapia Ernesto Agustín : :,(

Nvidia GT610 1Gb in 4 Popular Games || 2019-2020

Nvidia GT 610 1gb , handles some modern popular Titles? Yeah, no. But Lets GO!! \r

Nvidia Point of View GT 610 1gb DdDr3
System config:
Ryzen 5 1600 / i5 3470 Both on stock (in some games)
Motherboard: B450m Asrock / Gigabyte H61

#nvidia #fortnite #warflame
Express your opinion, and share your comments.
This is one of my first videos so any criticism is well taken.
Peace and love
Zax Game Inn : To point out:
- All games lose around 1-5fps Respectivly, due to Recording Software demands.
- So one can expect somewhat better performance when playing on Similar systems.
If you liked this small bit of Entertainment, you know what to do. ^^ Big Love
Sama Mahebub : Grand Theaft Auto 5 Is my most favoirite game ever !!
Movie Buzz : I have i3 windows 7 and gt 610 with 4gb ram can i play gta 5 ? waiting for your reply!
SrGabi124 : vengo por el Tomex
Soy_ Impostor : But that processor has the built-in graphics
rielle ocampo : is fortnite playable on core i5 650 3.2
ghz 4gb ram gt610 1gb?
Turtle Marin : How do you get 29 fps in fortnite mine in 9-12 fps
MeCho : Lel good, the PUBG has gud fps

Stuck 60FPS?
Momin Saha : I still curious to know about you lose or win that GTA 5 racing mission
Hexadots Stuff : Well here's me:
Quad core 2.33 GHZ
2GB ram might be able to add another 2
GT 610 (brand new)

GT 610 Must DIE!!!

I hate the miserable little GT 610. Even after overclocking the GT 610 it is still hopeless. In this episode we devise several ways of killing this sad hopeless little card. So sit back, relax and enjoy the carnage that is going to befall the GT 610.
epic gamer 2020 : i actyally hate you
Bachterno : No u
countryboy 1.0 : Funny how you say it's a "piece of crap" but guarantee you a GTX anything won't stand a beating like that
Kylo Ren : Such an overpriced display adapter
Jeffrey Mathieu : I have 60fps in csgo with that
Jeffrey Mathieu : I get 60 fps with that gpu
arabic Olivia : give it to me i have just intel hd 3000 it sac
PSquiddy : I use an i5-3470 and the GT 610 in my 2nd PC, and have this card to do dual monitors and video playback. Runs CS:GO at 60fps in 800x600 medium, still better than Intel HD and great for 2 screen setups.
Yamen : well. all gt cards should die really.accept the 1030 coz its good for a little big of gaming
Lucas Silva : Well, brazilian gamers are paying big dollar for it. Having a more advanced graphics card is hard in terms of money, so they must stick to this shitty, but expensive, entry level cards. And our government is proudly keeping us in the stone age over-taxing tech products to prop up local industry ( well, they buy pre-made boards from China and just design a nice packaging). Also, having a card like it means you can now watch 1080p content on YouTube without slowing down your pc. Remember: a basic processor like core i3 costs almost four fifths of a minimum wage, this is an awful lot of money!




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